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No Fault Divorce in New York (NY)

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Everything you need to know about no fault divorce in New York

no fault divorce new yorkIn July, 2010, New York State finally joined the other 49 states by adding the option for no fault divorce as ground for divorce.

This is a wonderful change for couples who wish to file for uncontested divorce in New York. After you have decided to separate and done all the hard work of having the terms of settlement mapped out, you no longer have to move backwards and figure out who will be "at fault" in the divorce papers filed with the court.  

As leading divorce mediation practice in New York (NYC) we can help you file for no-fault divorce in a civilized and affordable process. 

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How to file for no-fault divorce in New York?

The new grounds require that one spouse say (in writing on the divorce papers) that the marriage has been "irretrievably broken for a period of at least 6 months." The statute does not define "irretrievably broken." Maybe the legislature is now "getting" the fact that it takes two people to make a marriage work – and if you only have one person who is willing – then the marriage is irretrievably broken.


The other thing accomplished by the new statute is the end of limbo. In the past, if the person who did not initiate the separation didn't want a divorce – then he or she could effectively block the divorce forever.

We had several people contacting us for uncontested divorces, who had been living apart from their spouses for many years, unable to divorce. In these cases, the spouse would not cooperate with the uncontested divorce action. In one case, the couple had been separated for 7 years and although the wife lived in Texas, and their children were grown, she would not cooperate with the husband's efforts to file for a divorce.


The recent change to the law finally acknowledge that it takes two to tango - if any of the spouses say that the marriage is broken, then it probably is. There is no reason in forcing anyone to stay married.


If you wish to file for no-fault divorce we can offer you and your spouse a civilized, short and economical process that will help you reach a divorce agreement that is acceptable on both of you. 


To learn more about our divorce mediation services, we invite you for a free 30 minutes, no-obligation, consultation where we will review your case and explore your options. 

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