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Family Mediation Service

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Resolving family disputes through mediation

family mediationLife often challenges us with extreme situations that may bring even the warmest, loving families to the verge of a heated dispute.

Our family mediation service helps families resolve their conflicts in a civilized, sensible and acceptable manner before they deteriorate to an all-out-war. Since all of our experienced mediators are qualified attorneys all legal aspects are covered through the mediation process.  


To learn how our mediation service can help your family, we invite you for a free 30 minutes no-obligation consultation where we will examine your case and explore your options.

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When Can Family Mediation Help You?

Our New York family mediation service can be used for any of the following family-related issues:


  • Heritage and will disputes - Many normative, loving families get caught in the turmoil of heritage disputes. Mediation offers civilized, effective alternative that will help you reach a solution and keep your family together.
  • Family property disputes - Joint family properties are the source of countless bitter legal battles. Using our family mediation services you will be able to resolve your dispute through mutual acceptance while saving thousands of dollars and avoiding needless emotional stress.
  • Grandparents’ rights - In some circumstances such as the death of a parent, divorce or in case of non-functioning parent the state of New York recognizes grandparents' rights. Our family mediation service can help you reach an agreement that will be the most beneficial to your family and most importantly for your children.
  • Handling the care of an ageing parent - Family members often disagree on the right treatment of an aging parent. This delicate issue can be handled and resolved peacefully through our mediation service.


Please note - Our family mediation services are not limited to the above list. We can help your family resolve any issue brought to the table as long as all parties involved are open to discussion.


How Does Family Mediation Work?

Once you and your family members have collectively decided to use a family mediator, we will schedule regular meetings to begin the process. All family members involved will attend each meeting along with one of our New York family mediators – the neutral third party.

Depending on the nature of your dispute, you may wish to have a family lawyer present as well. If you would feel more comfortable with your attorney in attendance at our meetings, we will arrange this without question.

During our scheduled meetings we will collaboratively discuss the issue at hand giving each person a chance to explain his or her side until eventually a mutual resolution is reached. The family mediation will not be complete until everyone has arrived at a shared agreement.


Why Choose Family Mediation?

Keep your family together with a civilized and economical conflict management

By choosing divorce mediation to resolve your family conflict, you chose a peaceful path which will enable you to reach an acceptable agreement that all of you can live with. 

Although disputes between family members can be unpleasant, you do have the choice to handle them in a civilized manner.

Remember, every family can experience a crisis or dispute. By using our family mediation services, you will be able to resolve your crisis in the most sophisticated, affordable and efficient manner.


To learn how our mediation service can help your family, we invite you for a free 30 minutes no-obligation consultation where we will examine your case and explore your options.  

Call 866-287-2847 to schedule a free mediation consultation or


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