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Child Support in New York

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Calculating child support according to New York state laws

Child support, often referred to as child maintenance, is a regular and periodic payment made by an obligated parent to financially care for a child. In this article we will explain the State of New York guidelines and regulations regarding child support arrangements. 

As a leading New York divorce mediation practice, we can help you reach a child support agreement that is inline with the New York state child support laws.


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New York Child Support Laws

The goal of child support laws are to make sure the basic needs of your child is provided for. In New York State, child support is typically paid by the non-custodial parent. These regular payments go towards the child’s education and general support until the child reaches adulthood.

According to New York state, child support ends when the child reaches 21 years of age. However, as the child’s parents, you may decide to extend this. Oftentimes parents decide to continue support payments until the child has finished his or her post-secondary education.


Our experienced New York divorce mediators can help you and your spouse determine the best course of action for you and your children. We will help you reach a child support agreement that is both acceptable on both of you and in line with the New York child support laws. 


Remember, no matter how difficult and complicated your current situation may seems, both you and your spouse should focus on the most important parts of your lives that you still have in common: the wellbeing of your children.


Calculating Child Support Payments

Child support payments for separated couples in New York are calculated using the New York Child Support Standards Act. The Act contains detailed tables to follow which will determine the amount to be paid and the parent who will be responsible for the payments while taking into consideration each parent’s gross annual income, and all applicable deductions.

Child support obligations are calculated using a designated percentage relative to both the number of children you have, and to your gross yearly income:


Child Support Percentages:


  • 1 child: 17% of combined income from both parents
  • 2 children: 25% of combined income from both parents
  • 3 children: 29% of combined income from both parents
  • 4 children: 31% of combined income from both parents
  • 5 or more: 35% of combined income from both parents


The most basic child support payment can be calculated as follows:

Combined parental income X Applicable child support percentage


Although there are guidelines in place, there is still some leeway. As your divorce mediators,  we will help you arrive at the most appropriate conclusions to suit the needs of your family. 


Child Support and Divorce Mediation

Your children are probably the most important and precious parts of your lives. If both you and your spouse can put the wellbeing of your children above all other debates, then divorce mediation is the right path for you. By saving yourself and your children the hardship of long and expensive legal battles you will be able to dramatically reduce the emotional trauma caused by your separation and to achieve a healthier overall acceptance of the situation.


Over the years we have helped many divorcing couples reach an agreement which was just, acceptable, and most importantly provided a secure future for their children. 

To learn more about our divorce mediation services and how we can help you in your unique circumstance, we invite you to a 30 minutes free, no-obligation consultation where we will examine your case and explore your options. 


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