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Why Us?

  • Experience - Practicing divorce mediation since 1995
  • Full Legal Backing - All of our mediators are also qualified attorneys
  • Commited to shorter, less painful and economic divorce
  • Reasonable Rates - We offer competitive rates and will help you reduce the overall cost of your divorce
  • 100% Discrete - No public record of your divorce agreement

Mediation helped us move on with our lives

We were only married for 2 years, both in our thirties with no children. None of us wanted to get even, we just wanted to move on. Divorce mediation made it possible. 

About Us

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Providing divorcing couples from and around NYC with civilized, collaborative and affordable divorce

divorce mediator new yorkDivorce Mediator New York was established by Rachel Fishman Green in 1995 with one goal in mind - to offer divorcing couples from and around New York (NYC) and Brooklyn  a civilized, collaborative and economic way out of their marriage. 

Through the years, we helped hundreds of couples to communicate, negotiate and reach an acceptable divorce agreement while keeping the process short, economic and less traumatic for them and their children. 


All of our divorce and family mediators are qualified lawyers and reputable mediators with excellent track record and credentials. We are all active advocates of divorce mediation as the right alternative for divorce and we try our best to spread the word through articles, blogs, forums and media interviews. 


Beside promoting our own mediation services, this website is designed to offer vital information for families and divorcing couples regarding the peaceful and sensible alternative of mediation.


Our Associates and Divorce Mediators

Rachel Profile

Rachel Fishman Green

Senior Associate Divorce Mediator New York
Practicing divorce mediation for more than a decade, Rachel is one of the most experienced divorce mediators both in New York and nationwide. After graduating the Boston University school of law in 1990, Rachel started practicing divorce mediation in 1995.
In addition to helping hundreds of couples to end their marriage in a civilized, less traumatic way, Rachel is a true advocate of divorce mediation, who devotes much of her time to promoting public awareness for the field.
Affiliation and Carrier Milestones:
  • Graduated the Boston University's School of Law

  • Certified mediaotr, Safe Horizon, Brooklyn Mediation Center
  • Former member of the Board of Directors, Family & Divorce Mediation Council for Greater New York
  • Former member Editor-in-Chief of the Divorce Mediation Council's newsletter
  • Awarded the Advanced Practitioner Level of the Academy of Family Mediators, the Association of Conflict Resolution and the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation. 
michael henry divorce mediator

Michael J. Henry

Senior Associate Divorce Mediator New York
After graduating Yale Law School in 1989 Michael practiced law in a private firm for ten years. During his law practicing years, Michael felt that the traditional legal approach is missing some key elements in regards to conflict resolutions.
"During a conflict or dispute, people tend to experience a wide variety of emotional, psychological, social and even financial cross-currents that the traditional legal approach tends to ignore."
This revelation brought Michael to look for alternative approach that will be able to effectively address both the legal and human aspects of conflict resolution. Today, he is a well known divorce mediator and an important advocate of divorce mediation.  
Affiliation and Carrier Milestones:
  • Graduate Yale Law School in 1989
  • Completed the Mediation Intensive Training, the Center for Mediation in Law
  • Completed the Divorce Mediation program offered by the Ackerman Institute for the Family
  • Member of the Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York
  • Member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation
teresa calabrese divorce mediator new york

Teresa Calabrese

Senior Associate Divorce Mediator New York
Teresa is an experienced divorce mediator and a collaborative attorney who helped hundreds of couples to resolve their conflicts in a peaceful and civilized manner. 
By helping couples focus on their future and the goal of finding the best acceptable solution to their situation Teresa manage to defuse even the most complicated and challenging cases. 
Teressa also specializes in working with the Gay community in NYC on family conflict resolution, parental and separation agreements. 
Affiliation and Career Milestones:
  • Queen College of the City University of New York, Bachelor of Arts, 1984

  • University of Central America Law School, Diploma, Comparative Law Seminar, 1986
  • City University of New York School of Law, Juris Doctorate, 1987
  • Lesbian and Gay Law Association of Greater New York, Training in Collaborative Law, 2006
  • Center for Mediation in Law, Mediation Intensive Training  
  • Member of the Family and Divorce mediation Council
  • LBGTQ Collaborative Professionals of NYC 
  • New York Association of Collaborative Professionals

Don't make divorce harder than it should be.

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No Fault Divorce in New York (NY)

no fault divorce new yorkIn July, 2010, New York State finally joined the other 49 states by adding the option for no fault divorce as ground for divorce. 

Couples can now file for divorce without the need for one of the spouses to be at fault. 



Uncontested Divorce in New York (NY)

Everything you need to know about filing for uncontested divorce in New York

In the past few years we have witnessed a major shift in the attitude toward divorce. More couples are choosing to end their marriage in an amicable manner by taking the uncontested divorce route.

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